TurnOnGreen Charger Management Software

Manage your EV charger sites, machines, and users all in one place.

Industry Agnostic

Intuitive User-Interface for All

The TurnOnGreen EV charging dashboard is designed to maximize your control of the user-experience, while minimizing the time needed to tailor your rules perfectly. Make EV charger management is easy no matter the amount of chargers, or the kind of industry you service.

Customizable Pricing Models

Set end-user pricing to meet the demands of your site. Per hour, per kWh, and tiered pricing is available for you to strategically cover utility costs while providing affordable charging solutions to your visitors. 

Quick and Easy Activation

Let the EV charging community know your site offers services. The TurnOnGreen app serves as a simple point-of-sale software for your site, and an access point for your guest, employees, or clients. Available on Google Play and the App Store.

Prioritize EV charger up-time with user-friendly tools

TurnOnGreen’s administrative EV charging dashboard offers a user-friendly interface for businesses to efficiently manage charging stations, including monitoring activities and handling user accounts.

Its affordability makes it attractive for businesses, providing cost-effective solutions for managing multiple charging stations. Additionally, a constantly growing dashboard ensures access to the latest features, keeping charging infrastructure aligned with the evolving electric vehicle market.

Everything You Need to Stay in Control

TurnOnGreen’s charger management software provides site hosts the tools needed to make EV charging seamless for user’s and site managers.

24/7 Monitoring

Auto fault monitoring around the clock

Data Hub

View important charging data on the management dashboard

Customize The Experience

Adjust how analytics are displayed to suit your needs

Charger Availability

Schedule charger availability down to the minute


Group data by location, charger type, or user type

Generate Revenue

Accept payment from all major credit cards through secure and compliant processing

Calculate Costs

Track utility usage and monitor profitability

Custom Reporting

CSV downloadable data and automatic report generation for site managers

User Monitoring

Set permissions for residents, employees, fleets, and public charger users


Notify administrators and drivers via SMS and email messages

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