Electric vehicle charging at your workplace

EV charging services for top talent.

Recommended EV Chargers For Workspace


32 amp maximum power

Simple setup, non-networked, minimal commitment, and feature-rich.

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32 amp maximum power

Sleek, network optional, user-friendly administration and interface.

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48 amp maximum power

Rebate-eligible, universal, and flexible for your property.

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80 amp maximum power

Fast, high-powered EV charger for any business.

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EV charging as a workplace benefit

Vehicles spend around 95% of their time parked at home or work, making EV charging conveniently accessible during these periods. For those without home charging options, workplace charging becomes essential, whether they commute daily or occasionally.

Workplace EV charging serves a dual purpose, providing convenience for existing EV-owning employees and attracting top talent. As corporate social responsibility gains significance, even non-EV drivers appreciate sustainable amenities.

Workplace EV Charging Facts


In 2021, the US had over 100,000 public EV charging stations. 8% were located at work spaces.


Millenials are anticipated to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. Many will be driving EVs.


Workspaces often have sufficient infrastructure available to make EV charging installation simple.

Talent Retention

Demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being and sustainability while creating an attractive workplace environment.

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Frequently asked questions about workplace charging

Can I make EV chargers at my workplace private?

Below are a few ways TurnOnGreen allows you to limit access to your workplace EV chargers:


  1. Make your EV chargers visible and accessible only to users with your company’s email domain.
  2. Make your EV chargers free for employees, but pay-to-charge for the public.
  3. Make your EV chargers RFID access only – where only card holders are given access to EV charging.
Are EV charging projects affordable?

The cost of offering EV charging at your workplace depends on the type and number of charging stations, your preferred power capacity, and any necessary electrical upgrades. Employers may be eligible for government incentives or grants to help offset these costs. You can get an accurate estimate from a local electrician that can review the existing power at your property. TurnOnGreen prides itself on offering affordable EV charging hardware and software without compromising quality.

Can TurnOnGreen EVSE charge any electric vehicle?

TurnOnGreen EVSE utilize the SAE J1772 plug, a crucial component in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Its standardized design ensures compatibility across different EVs and charging stations, promoting safe and efficient charging. This versatile plug supports various charging levels and follows safety protocols, fostering EV adoption.

Are any rebates available for workplace charging?

Yes, rebates are often available for workplace EV charging projects. These incentives can vary by location and may be offered by government agencies, utilities, or other organizations to encourage the installation of EV charging infrastructure in workplaces. It’s advisable to check with local authorities and utilities to explore the specific rebates and incentives available in your area to support your workplace EV charging project.


TurnOnGreen Hardware and Network Services is often eligible for most rebate programs.

Benefits of Offering Workplace Charging

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Offering workplace charging demonstrates a commitment to employee convenience and sustainability, enhancing overall job satisfaction and supporting those who choose to drive electric vehicles.

Attracts Top Talent

A workplace with EV charging stations appeals to environmentally conscious professionals, helping to attract and retain employees who value sustainability and innovative company benefits.

Enhances Corporate Image

Implementing EV charging stations at your workplace showcases your company’s dedication to environmental stewardship, boosting your brand’s image as a green and forward-thinking organization.

Tax Incentives and Rebates

Many businesses can take advantage of government tax incentives and rebates for installing EV charging stations, reducing the overall cost and potentially providing a return on investment.

Simple User-Interface

Limit Access

Make specific chargers private, or make pricing different for certain users on the TurnOnGreen Network Dashboard.

Tiered Pricing

Incentivize EV charger etiquette with tiered pricing schedules, and discourage overuse. 

Want help from a rebate expert?

Seeking assistance with EV charging rebates and incentives? Our dedicated rebate expert specializes in electric vehicle charging incentives, ensuring you can take full advantage of available programs to make your charging infrastructure more affordable.

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