How to Charge with TurnOnGreen

Charging with TurnOnGreen is easy! By registering for a complimentary TurnOnGreen account, you unlock the convenience of accessing an extensive network of charging spots, not only on the TurnOnGreen network but also through various partner networks. Simply navigate through our intuitive app to discover the ideal charging spot. Once you’ve reached your destination, follow these instructions to commence the charging process seamlessly with TurnOnGreen.

Download the TurnOnGreen App on your phone.
Under the "Account" tab, select "Payments" then "Add new payment method".
On the "Explore" tab select the location on the map, or enter the ID on the charger into the Search bar. Make sure you are selecting the correct charger.
Plug the charger into your electric vehicle's charging inlet and touch "Start" on the bottom of the app screen.
When you are done charging, simply press the button on the dock and pull the device out of your EV.

Tap Card Ordering and Activation

To make your EV charging experience even faster, you can order a complimentary Tap Card. The Tap Card will allow you to plug your EV in, swipe, and charge! Follow the directions below to order and activate your Tap Card.

On the TurnOnGreen app after your account has a payment method, select "RFID cards" in the "Account" tab.
Select "Order card". Enter your name and physical mail address, and select "Place order".
Your cards will arrive within 7-14 days. Two sizes are sent with very order; a key ring size and a regular size card.
After receiving your Tap Card, you need to activate it. Under "RFID cards" in the "Account" tab in the TurnOnGreen App, select "Activate card". Enter the eight (8) digits printed on the card and click "Submit".
You may now plug any TurnOnGreen with an RFID reader on it, into your EV, and swipe to charge.

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