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Leader in AC-DC power converters for process control applications including industrial computers.

40+ years experience developing power supply products for industrial and telecom.

Industrial Solutions

TurnOnGreen offers AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters for process control applications including industrial computers, packaging equipment, CNC machines, industrial lasers, industrial printers, video and cinema projectors. Our AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC modules are used in oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, logic analyzers, arbitrary waveform generators, multimeters, network analyzers and many more test and measurement applications. We have power supply units (PSU) deployed in automatic test equipment (ATE), semiconductor test equipment and portable test equipment among others. TurnOnGreen provides advanced power technology for ASIC and GPU crypto currency mining solutions. TurnOnGreen also manufacturing state of the art multiplexed plasma laser systems for textile enhancement and other industrial solutions.

Telecommunications & Networking

TurnOnGreen has been providing enabling technology for telecom and networking for over 40 years. Today, 4G and 5G CRAN / VRAN, Mobile Edge Computing, Over the Top Video, Security, Voice over LTE and virtualization of just about everything are just some of the exciting transformations revolutionizing telecom networks, lowering costs, and bringing new sources of revenue for communication service providers. 

TurnOnGreen is enabling and accelerating this edge revolution and core transformation with innovative products with demonstrably lower expenditures vs. alternative solutions. 5th generation mobile networks, abbreviated 5G, are the proposed next communication standards beyond the 4G networks still being deployed around the world today. In addition to higher speed connections, 5G standards aim to provide more capacity than current 4G, allowing a higher number of mobile broadband users and devices per area unit, and making subscribers’ higher data consumption more cost-effective for network operators. 5G also aims to lower the cost and latency (for lower battery consumption) of device-to-device communication, for better implementation of the internet of things (IoT). Two leading network equipment manufacturers are testing 5G remote radio head (RRH) products.

TurnOnGreen power supplies are used in broadcast uplink devices, cable television headend equipment, radio access networks (RAN), edge systems, including gateways, application servers, soft switches, routers, leading-edge server power supplies for cloud computing centers, converged cable access platforms (CCAP), fiber optic broadband network active devices and other ‘last-mile’ solutions. We are the power solution provider of choice for emerging multi-access edge computing companies. TurnOnGreen AC-DC power supply units, rectifiers and power distribution units (PDU) provide the access network equipment with the high efficiency, reliability and power density they need.

TurnOnGreen also provides high efficient power product for cryptographic mining operators across the globe to be used through decentralized distributed ledger technology, typically a blockchain. This technology is powering specialized machines such as FPGAs and ASICs running complex secure hash algorithms functions.

  • High-power and high-efficient switching power technology to enable cryptocurrencies mining.
  • Sourcing for high demand miners and power supplies utilizing TurnOnGreen’ well-established manufacturing capabilities and business relationships in Asia.
  • Development for advanced blockchain-based power technology for graphics processing units (GPU), FPGA and ASIC implementations.

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