Simplify Your Fleet's EV Charging Solutions

Electric vehicle chargers and management software for fleet operators.

Recommended EV Charger for Fleets

The TurnOnGreen EV Charger is the recommended choice for fleets seeking efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly charging solutions.


30kW power output

Sleek, network optional, user-friendly administration and interface.

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60kW power output

Rebate-eligible, universal, and flexible for your property.

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FSP Series

90-180kW power output

Fast, high-powered EV charger for any business.

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360kW power output

Fast, high-powered EV charger for any business.

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Your new electric fleet management program tools

Transform your fleet to reduce your carbon footprint, improve productivity, and lower costs. With Noodoe, you can ensure that your electric fleet is charged and ready to go whenever needed.

EV Charging Hardware

Management Software

Maintenance Services

Customer Support

Perfect positioning in Harrisburg, PA

See how TurnOnGreen helped power an electric fleet location, perfectly positioned to bring EV charging to an underserved community.

Standalone DC Fast Chargers

Simplify installation, reduce costs and space requirements, and have fewer points of failure, while reducing maintenance needs even further with cabinet optional DC fast chargers. Integrated design allows for quicker deployment to keep pace with your rapidly expanding electric fleet.

Seamless Management Software

TurnOnGreen’s Network Services revolutionize fleet charging management by centralizing control of your EV infrastructure into a single, powerful platform.

With the ability to customize permissions, oversee charger activity and monitor power usage, managing your fleet’s EV charging needs has never been more seamless. Elevate your fleet operations with TurnOnGreen’s management software, designed for the modern, eco-conscious business.

Premier Maintenance Services

At TurnOnGreen, we understand the importance of reliable electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. That’s why we offer specialized maintenance services designed to ensure your EV charging stations are always operating at their best. Our team of certified technicians provides comprehensive care, from routine inspections to advanced repairs, ensuring your EV chargers deliver uninterrupted service to drivers. Optimize the performance and longevity of your EV charging solutions with TurnOnGreen’s expert maintenance services.

Unparalleled Customer Support

TurnOnGreen prioritizes exceptional customer support, offering 24/7 access to our knowledgeable team for any inquiries or issues. We strive to provide timely, effective solutions, ensuring a seamless experience for all users. Whether you need assistance with installation, technical challenges, or product information, our dedicated professionals are here to help, emphasizing our commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction.

Electric fleets using TurnOnGreen services

Fleet Charging Benefits

Cost Savings

Fleet charging solutions can significantly reduce operating costs compared to traditional fossil fuels. Electric vehicles (EVs) have lower fuel and maintenance costs, resulting in long-term savings for fleet owners.

Efficiency and Productivity

Electric fleet vehicles often have quieter engines, smoother operation, and fewer maintenance issues. This can lead to increased driver satisfaction, reduced downtime, and improved overall fleet efficiency.

Environmental Sustainability

Fleet charging promotes eco-friendly transportation by reducing emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. Transitioning to electric fleets contributes to a greener, more sustainable future and helps organizations meet environmental goals.

Government Incentives

Many governments offer incentives, rebates, and tax credits for organizations that invest in electric fleet charging infrastructure. These incentives can offset the initial costs and provide additional financial benefits.

Simple User-Interface

Limit Access

Make specific chargers private, or make pricing different for certain users on the TurnOnGreen Network Dashboard.

Tiered Pricing

Incentivize EV charger etiquette with tiered pricing schedules, and discourage overuse. 

Want help from a rebate expert?

Seeking assistance with EV charging rebates and incentives? Our dedicated rebate expert specializes in electric vehicle charging incentives, ensuring you can take full advantage of available programs to make your charging infrastructure more affordable.

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