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TurnOnGreen EV700 Level 2 EV Charger for Home and Work

High-Speed Level 2 Charging

The EV700 Smart EV Charger revolutionizes charging speed, delivering up to 7 times faster charging than standard Level 1 chargers. Capable of adding up to 30 miles of range per hour to most electric vehicles, it ensures a quick and efficient charging experience.

Universal Compatibility to All EV Brands

Designed with an SAE J1772 connector, the EV700 is universally compatible with most electric vehicles on the road today. Charge a Tesla, KIA EV, Nissan EV, Ford EV, Chevy EV, and many more brands. 

Restrict Access, Adjust Power, and Schedule Charging Sessions

The EV700 Level 2 EV Charger offers a user-friendly interface and EV700 Smart Phone App. Program the EV700 to meet the power capacity and needs of your residence or workplace.

EV700 Features

EV Charging Speed

than a 110 Volt Power Outlet

Relax Range Anxiety, Adding

of Range Per Hour Charging

Adjust Amperage From

on the Device or in the EV700 APP

Activate a Charging Session in

APP, touch screen and RFID


What Our Customers Are Saying

This is an amazing Charger!

This EV charger is amazing. Definitely a step up from my Tesla charger. The look and design is what originally got my attention. With the detailed lit screen and the LED lights that let you know it’s charging status, makes it stand out from the rest. After that got my attention and I started reading all the functions it has, mainly the Bluetooth phone connectivity and the RFID cards. I was sold! I made a great Decision because not only does It work perfectly and glows up my garage in a good way. I am now pulling 29-32 miles an hour. I love this thing and have already recommended
Easy EV Charger Installation and Perfect for Summer Savings

I ordered the EV700 based on a friend's recommendation and am happy with my decision. I found a local electrician on Yelp. He hadn't installed this brand before but said it was straightforward, even finishing ahead of schedule. I downloaded the free mobile app though I haven't had to use it yet since the EV700 by default charges whenever plugged in and stops when finished. However, we recently discovered that our utility company has a Clean Energy savings plan that we intend to enroll in. That's when the app's scheduling feature will come in handy, allowing me to plugin when I get home and set it to start the charge after 9 pm when the electric rates are 60% cheaper.
Amazon Customer
Amazing EV charger 5 Star

I ordered the EV700 to charge my Tesla at home. This EV charger was so easy to install, since I already had a 240 v outlet set up. I have a NEMA 14-50 outlet, and the EV700 uses a NEMA 6-50 plug, so I ordered a 14-50/6-50 extension adaptor for like $20 to operate this EV charger. I’m pulling 7kW consistently from this device, and it is giving me about 29 miles of range per hour charging. I downloaded the EV700 APP too, and use it to turn on my charger after 9pm. I have my car set to charge to 90% so it turns off automatically. 5 stars

EV700 Key Features

Fast Charging

Wall mounted, compact, Level 2, plug and play, fast charging system ideal for all homes.

Universal Compatibility

The SAE J1772 connector ensures compatibility with most EVs ont he road today, including Tesla models (with J1772 adapters).

Save with Every Charge

Charging at night when rates are lowest is the easiest way to save money on recharging your battery.

All-Weather Design

The rugged metal all-weather enclosure makes the EV700 Level 2 charger perfect for year-round indoor and outdoor use.

Safety and Quality

Our charging systems maintain the highest standards in the market. Backed by an internationally recognized certificate of safety and performance.

Worry-Free Guarantee

We stand behind our product with a Three-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty.


EV700 App is an all-encompassing EV Charging mobile app that allows you access to the same configuration options available on the charger! Set power output to your preferred amperage setting, schedule charging, rename your charger, initiate and conclude charging sessions, and see live charging statistics on your phone.

Meet the EV700

The TurnOnGreen EV700 home EV charging station is easy to install and simple to use. This 32A, 7.7 kW, level 2 EV charging station can add up to 32 miles of range every hour plugged in, and can fully charge a 90 kWh battery overnight. The EV700 is the perfect EV charging station for EVs using the J1772 plug like the Ford Mustang Mach E, Ford F150 Lightning, Chevy Bolt, Chevy Volt, Audi E-Tron, Lucid Air, KIA EV, Nissan Arya, and the EV700 can even charge a Tesla using the J1772 adapter.

Charge Your Car

Support the whole family. No matter what car you drive.*

One Tree for Every Charger Sold

TurnOnGreen has partnered with the reforestation non-profit One Tree Planted. The TurnOnGreen “One4One” initiative aims to help restore U.S. forests by planting one tree for every residential and commercial Electric Vehicle charging unit sold and raising additional donations from clients and corporate partners.

The initiative seeks to plant a minimum of 10,000 trees a year over the next ten years. TurnOnGreen’s partnership with One Tree Planted reflects its commitment to sustainability and mitigation of the negative impact of carbon emissions.

Have questions about the EV700, installation, or Level 2 charging? We're here to help.

Looking for commercial solutions?

The inclusion of RFID access in the TurnOnGreen EV700 makes it an excellent choice for electric vehicle charging in multi-family residences and workspace environments. View here >>