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Prioritize EV charger up-time with user-friendly tools

TurnOnGreen’s administrative EV charging dashboard offers a user-friendly interface for businesses to efficiently manage charging stations, including monitoring activities and handling user accounts.

Its affordability makes it attractive for businesses, providing cost-effective solutions for managing multiple charging stations. Additionally, a constantly growing dashboard ensures access to the latest features, keeping charging infrastructure aligned with the evolving electric vehicle market.

Add significant range to an EV in minutes, not hours


30kW power output

Sleek, network optional, user-friendly administration and interface.

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60kW power output

Rebate-eligible, universal, and flexible for your property.

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FSP Series

90-180kW power output

Fast, high-powered EV charger for any business.

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360kW power output

Fast, high-powered EV charger for any business.

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Understand EV charging levels

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging is typically categorized into three levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3, which are also known as DC fast charging. These levels differ in terms of charging speed, voltage, and where they are typically used.

Level 1 is the slowest but the most accessible for residential charging. Level 2 offers a good compromise between charging speed and convenience, making it suitable for daily use and longer trips within a region. Level 3 (DC fast charging) is designed for rapid charging during long-distance travel and is best suited for public charging infrastructure. The choice of charging level depends on your specific needs, driving patterns, and the availability of charging infrastructure in your area.

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