Pioneering Destination EV Charging Solutions for Sustainable Mobility

EV charging stations can be strategically placed in a variety of locations, including shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, office complexes, residential communities, public parking facilities, and highway rest areas. This diversity ensures convenient access for electric vehicle owners during daily activities and travels, attracting environmentally conscious customers and supporting the growth of electric mobility.

Recommended EV Chargers For Destination Charging

Whether your preference is for non-networked chargers, known for their simplicity and accessibility, networked chargers with advanced control and monitoring features, or DC fast chargers for swift charging options, TurnOnGreen’s all-encompassing approach guarantees that businesses and destinations can adeptly assist EV drivers, champion sustainability, and provide an extensive array of charging solutions.


48 amp maximum power

Rebate-eligible, universal, and flexible for your property.

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80 amp maximum power

Fast, high-powered EV charger for any business.

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FSP Series

90-180kW power output

Fast, high-powered EV charger for any business.

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360kW power output

Fast, high-powered EV charger for any business.

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Ensuring Universal Access to EV Charging​

Enhance Your Venue’s Appeal by Offering EV Charging Services – Boost Sustainability, Promote EV Adoption, and Elevate Your Facility for the Future.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are ideal locations for EV charging stations. Shoppers can conveniently charge their electric vehicles while browsing stores, making shopping trips more accessible and eco-friendly.

Gym/Fitness Centers

Fitness enthusiasts often spend hours at the gym. Gyms offering EV charging not only cater to health-conscious members but also support sustainable transportation choices, aligning with their commitment to well-being.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks can enhance the visitor experience by providing EV charging stations. Families can enjoy a day of fun while knowing their electric vehicles are charging, eliminating range anxiety.

Golf Courses

Golf courses are leisure destinations for many. Offering EV charging can encourage golfers to choose electric vehicles, promoting eco-friendliness while they enjoy their rounds of golf.

National/State Parks

These natural wonders should offer EV charging to support sustainable tourism. It allows visitors to explore the beauty of these parks without worrying about their vehicle’s battery life, contributing to eco-tourism initiatives.

Two million electric vehicles on the road. 500% increase expected over 4 years

Businesses that provide convenient charging options position themselves to meet the demands of a rapidly expanding market, attract eco-conscious customers, and gain a competitive edge in a shifting automotive landscape. Additionally, supporting EV charging contributes to sustainability goals and aligns with the global focus on reducing carbon emissions.

Powering Sustainability: EV Charging Arrives in Central Coast Winery Regions, CA

In 2022, Foxen Winery made history in the Central Coast wine regions by becoming the first winery to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers and offer free charging to their visitors. This case study showcases their groundbreaking initiative, which transformed the wine-tasting experience, enhanced customer satisfaction, and reinforced their position as a sustainability leader in the industry.

Empowering Electric Mobility at Beverly Glen Shopping Centre, Bel Air, CA

Discover how this forward-thinking initiative not only enhanced the shopping experience but also promoted sustainability and convenience for electric vehicle owners. Dive into the success story of how this shopping centre has become a model for modern, eco-conscious retail destinations in Bel Air and beyond.”

Benefits of Offering EV Charging at Destination Locations

Attract a Growing Customer Base​​

EV charging stations draw in a rapidly expanding group of environmentally conscious consumers who drive electric vehicles. This not only expands your potential customer base but also highlights your commitment to sustainability, acting as a powerful marketing tool.

Enhance Sustainability Credentials​

Providing EV charging positions your business as environmentally responsible. This alignment with green energy initiatives strengthens your sustainability credentials and resonates with eco-conscious customers.

Enhance Customer Loyalty​

Providing EV charging can help foster customer loyalty. EV drivers are often willing to spend more time at a location where they can charge their vehicles. This extended visit duration can lead to increased sales and repeat business, benefiting your bottom line.

Stay Ahead of the Curve​

The transition to electric vehicles is a growing trend, and governments around the world are incentivizing EV adoption. By offering EV charging now, you position your business ahead of the curve, ensuring you’re ready for the future of transportation and the changing needs of your customers.

TurnOnGreen Management Dashboard

TurnOnGreen Network Services allow you to connect and control your entire EV infrastructure in one place. On the TOG Dashboard you can manage revenue, EV charger users, energy settings, and much more. The features of the TOG Dashboard keep you compliant for utility funded programs, and various rebate platforms.

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Seeking assistance with EV charging rebates and incentives? Our dedicated rebate expert specializes in electric vehicle charging incentives, ensuring you can take full advantage of available programs to make your charging infrastructure more affordable.

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