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We're a leading global supplier of power products and custom components for essential applications

Our Story

TurnOnGreen is dedicated to providing world-class technology-based solutions for mission-critical applications and lifesaving services, in which innovation is the main driver. TurnOnGreen serves sustainable energy industry, defense & aerospace, naval, medical & healthcare, telecommunication, and cryptocurrency power technology. TurnOnGreen targets core markets that are characterized by “high barriers to entry” and that require specialized products and services that are not likely to be commoditized.

Our products are trusted for use in diverse range of essential and life-preserving technologies
Sustainable Solutions
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Electric Vehicle Charging


  • Military combat and non-combat systems
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) power distribution systems
  • Missile control power systems
  • Military armored and tactical vehicles
  • Command, control and intelligence systems
  • Electronic warfare systems
  • Mobile and ground communications
  • Tactical networks and communications systems
  • Naval power conversion, distribution, and backup solutions
  • Combat and airborne power supplies
  • Gyro modular azimuth position and navigation systems


  • Imaging and dispensing equipment
  • Ventilators and oxygen concentrators
  • Dialysis, endoscopy, surgical equipment
  • Electronic hospital beds
  • Medical, beauty, and dental laser
  • Cloud computing data centers
  • Broadcast systems & Broadband networks
  • Wireless infrastructure base stations
  • Equipment for semiconductor chip manufacturing
  • Laboratory and diagnostic equipment
  • Turbomachinery control solutions
  • Packaging equipment
  • Cryptocurrency mining technology

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Our Clients

Our Approach​

Our synergistic one-company approach enables us to combine the strengths of our various divisions to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving requirements of our customers in the markets that we serve. We tailor and adapt our technologies, integration approaches, market knowledge, and operationally proven systems to each customer’s requirements for both existing and new platforms. Learn More »

TurnOnGreen Milestones

Digital Power Founded

Digital Power Corp founded to supply advanced power electronic products.


Digital Power Listed on NYSE

Digital Power Corp executed and initial public offering and was listed by the NYSE American exchange with the symbol DPW.


DPC Exchanged Securities with Ault Global

Digital Power Corp executed a strategic agreement to transfer securities to Ault Global.


Coolisys Launched

Coolisys Technologies founded to supply featured-rich technology solutions for diverse emerging markets.


Coolisys Acquires Microphase

Coolisys Technologies Corp acquired Microphase Corp. and Power-Plus

Read More2017

Coolisys Acquired Enertec

Coolisys Technologies Corp acquired Enertec Systems Ltd., an Israeli corporation

Read More2018

Coolisys Sold Subsidiaries

Coolisys Technologies Corp. sold its Gresham Power, Enertec Systems, and Microphase Corp. securities to Gresham Worldwide


Coolisys Acquired Digital Power

Coolisys acquired Digital Power securities and formed power business subsidiary

Read More2020

Coolisys Founds TurnOnGreen

Coolisys Technologies founded its subsidiary TurnOnGreen Inc. to provide scalable electric vehicle supply equipment and eMobility services

Read More2021

Coolisys Renamed TurnOnGreen Inc.

Coolisys Technology Corp. announces name change to TurnOnGreen Inc.

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