EV Charging Administrative Software

Making EV Charger Management Simple

TurnOnGreen Network

TurnOnGreen Network Services allow you to connect and control your entire EV infrastructure in one place. On the TOG Dashboard you can manage revenue, EV charger users, energy settings, and much more. The features of the TOG Dashboard keep you compliant for utility funded programs, and various rebate platforms.

Make EV Charger Management Easy

TurnOnGreen Network Service is designed to be user-friendly, making EV charging any easy part of your businesses day-to-day. The TurnOnGreen Dashboard was designed by experts to help you connect and control your EV infrastructure at scale.

Schedule Availability

Set EV charger availability to suit the needs of your property.

Custom Configuration

Choose what you see on your TurnOnGreen Dashboard. 

Comprehensive Dashboard

Visualize detailed EV charging data so you never miss any important occurrences.

Connect and Manage

TurnOnGreen EV chargers come pre-configured so your dashboard is ready for viewing.


Divide EV chargers into specific data sets by site, group of sites, chargers, and even user permissions.

Track Energy Use

Analyze energy use to calculate your sites demand and revenue potential.

Custom Reports

Keep accurate records with automatic report generation for administrators of your dashboard. CSV downloadable.

Collect Revenue

Set end-user fees and accept all major credit cards. PCI compliant.

For EV Drivers

EV drivers should be able to get the services they need with minimal involvement from the site host, and we designed the end-user EV charging interface to minimize interruptions to your business.

Web-based Application

TurnOnGreen EV chargers are deployed with QR codes applied for identification. Any EV driver with a mobile phone can scan the QR code using a smart phone camera to access the charger on a web browser.

iOS/Android Application

Access EV chargers quickly when you have the TurnOnGreen downloaded on your iPhone or Android mobile device.

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EV drivers can contact TurnOnGreen, or the site host to request RFID cards. Not all TurnOnGreen EV Chargers are configured for RFID access, and site hosts should consider their options before deployment.

Automatic EV Charging

Free to use chargers can be left open without any pre-authentication. Free charging can also be limited to specific users through back-end configurations. 

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