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Charging Speed Basics

EV Charging and Hospitality

EV Charger Interface

Installation Overview

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Elevate your hospitality services with TurnOnGreen, the Best Western Endorsed Supplier. We are excited to offer an exclusive opportunity to members of the Best Western hotels, providing advanced EV charging technology tailored for your properties.

Experience the seamless integration of TurnOnGreen’s top-tier equipment, innovative software, professional services, and comprehensive operational support. Partner with us to lead the way in sustainable hospitality, enhancing guest experiences and driving revenue opportunities.

EV Charging Benefits

Gain More Guests

Increase guest influx by offering EV charging services at your hotel.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Build stronger customer loyalty with reliable EV charging services.

Invest in Sustainability

Elevate your sustainability initiatives through the implementation of EV charging at your hotel.

Reduce Range Anxiety

Encourage green tourism, and relieve concerns about EV charging infrastructure.

Claim Tax Credits

Capitalize on rebates, and tax credits designed to reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

Online Visibility

Make sure your hotel is visible when visitors are filtering for EV charging hotel locations.

Networked EV Charging Solutions

Elevate your hotel’s service offerings with networked smart charging solutions. Seamlessly manage and optimize charging stations through a centralized system, ensuring efficient allocation of resources and timely customer support. Guests will appreciate the convenience of real-time monitoring, remote access, and tailored charging experiences, all while enhancing your establishment’s eco-friendly image.

Increased public visibility
Paid charging options
Tap card or phone activation
Annual network fees
Track kW usage and revenue
Remote access
Moderately priced

Non-Networked EV Charging Solutions

Experience unmatched convenience and user-friendliness with our non-networked EV charger. Say goodbye to complex setups and technical hitches—the EV700’s intuitive interface ensures effortless operation for all users, making charging electric vehicles a seamless and hassle-free process.

Reduced public visibility
Free EV charging default
Plug-and-charge functionality
No annual network fees
On-hardware power output configuration options
Optional mobile app and RFIDs
Best price

TurnOnGreen Management Dashboard

Set permissions, manage your EV chargers, see power usage, and gain access to 24/7 customer service.

Connect and control TOG EV chargers.

Hardware, software, and installation.

Set schedules, see costs, and monitor your EV chargers.

Power EV chargers on limited capacity with load balancing technology.

EV Chargers for Hotels

Remember to thoroughly review your destination’s power capacity before choosing a TurnOnGreen charger. Contact us for assistance on site analysis.




Want help from a rebate expert?

Seeking assistance with EV charging rebates and incentives? Our dedicated rebate expert specializes in electric vehicle charging incentives, ensuring you can take full advantage of available programs to make your charging infrastructure more affordable.