Understanding Charge Ready

TurnOnGreen can help you navigate the SCE Charge Ready Program and assist you in potentially securing funding for your EV project.

What is SCE Charge Ready?

The Souther California Edison Charge Ready Program helps businesses and property owners prepare their sites with the necessary infrastructure for EV charging. The Charge Ready Program provides financial incentives, and involved technical support from the beginning of an EV charging project, to its first charge. The Charge Ready Program mirrors TurnOnGreen’s ultimate goal to meet the demand for clean energy charging options for where people work, shop, and play.

Property Types Supported

Multi-Unit Dwellings

Eligible sites include apartment buildings, retirement communities, townhomes, condominiums, mobile home parks, university and military housing, timeshares, and public parking with overnight resident access.

Commercial Properties

SCE Charge Ready aims to give commercial properties the support they need to increase property value, attract and retain high value tenants, and remain competitive through EV charging installations.

Municipal Offices

The public sector is home to hardworking employees that keep cities moving forward. Charge Ready allows these locations to show communities clean energy is a priority, while encouraging employees to drive electric.

On the SCE Charge Ready Eligibility List

Souther California Edison has a list of eligible EVSE that meet their standards for safety, efficiency, and necessary utility reporting. Below are the TurnOnGreen EV Chargers that meet SCE’s standards and are on the list.


7kW | 32A
Networked Charger


11W | 58A
Networked Charger


Networked Charger


Networked Charger

SCE Program Options


Quick Look:

Multi-family units located in Disadvantaged Communities have exclusive eligibility to SCE’s Turn-Key Program.

Quick Look:

  • SCE designs, installs, operates, and maintains EV charging stations at no cost to participant. Participants are still responsible for utility costs related to EV charging. 
  • Property must be a multi-unit dwelling located in Disadvantaged community.
Charging Infrastructure and Rebate Program

Quick Look:

Existing commercial properties will fall under this program’s eligibility requirements.

Quick Look:

  • Funds utility and customer-side of infrastructure upgrades.
  • Rebate available for the purchase and installation of qualifying charging equipment. (TurnOnGreen qualifies!)
  • Four or more EV charger installation minimum. 
  • Property must be a multi-unit dwelling located in Disadvantaged community.

New Construction Rebate Program

Quick Look:

  • A Rebate only program that helps minimize the costs associated with EV charger purchase and installation. This programs helps new properties comply with CALGreen Code requirements.
  • For developers of new multi-family properties in development (planning, design, or construction phase) or that have completed and received a certificate of occupancy after 01/01/2017.

Small Site Rebate Program

Quick Look:

  • For the multi-family, public sector, and commercial property owners and managers choosing to install four or fewer EV charging station ports.
  • This rebate option is available to ANY participant who designs, purchases, and installs the customer side of the meter infrastructure work.

Want help from a rebate expert?

Seeking assistance with EV charging rebates and incentives? Our dedicated rebate expert specializes in electric vehicle charging incentives, ensuring you can take full advantage of available programs to make your charging infrastructure more affordable.

Infrastructure Types

SCE installs the Utility-Side Infrastructure in all their available EV rebate programs. The Utility-Side Infrastructure includes necessary transformers, service from the transformer to the meter, and the meter itself. You can chose to install the Customer-Side Infrastructure, (panel, conduit, and EV chargers) although SCE offers to install this side in certain programs. If your site is eligible for a Turnkey Installation, SCE can complete the Customer-Side Infrastructure.

Charging Equipment Rebate Amounts

SCE Charge Ready can contribute significantly to the cost of necessary EV infrastructure while also providing a rebate for the cost of EV chargers. Rebates are subject to eligibility requirements. TurnOnGreen EV chargers are listed on the ChargeReady EV Charger list. Rebates are not guaranteed, and site hosts are accruing costs at their own risk.

- DAC (100%) Multi-Family (50%) Non-DAC Other
Level 1
Level 2
DCFC 50kW-150kW

DAC – Disadvantaged Community

Process Overview

If you are interested in utilizing TurnOnGreen EV Chargers on your property, we are happy to provide you with a representative to help follow the steps below.

Submit Funding Request

Complete SCE Online Application

Funding Reservation

Application is reviewed, on-site evaluation conducted, a project overview is made, an agreement is signed.

Submit Proof of Purchase

Submit proof of eligible EVSE purchase to SCE.

Design and Build

Complete a detailed site design, grant SCE easement, secure permits, install infrastructure and EVSE.**

Rebate Issuance

SCE verifies installation, and reviews documentation.

Compliance Verification

SCE verifies compliance of installation and required charging data availability.

**Depending on your program selection, SCE can design your project, secure permits, and construct utility side infrastructure. TurnOnGreen is also happy to assist you in this process.

Contact a Rebate Expert​

Provide us with your contact information, and a TurnOnGreen Rebate expert will reach out. After a brief discussion about your project, we can help you find available rebates and submit an application to reserve funds on your behalf.

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