TurnOnGreen leverages resources to bring EV charging to the retail shopping centers in Los Angeles, CA

Project Site Overview

The Glen Centre is an outdoor lifestyle center located on Beverly Glen, just south of Muholland Drive and conveniently situated between West LA and the Valley. It draws traffic from Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Westwood, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, and Encino. The Glen Centre has become a popular destination – offering upscale and unique boutiques, restaurants and personal/fitness services, all set in a relaxing and beautiful outdoor atmosphere. Due to the increasing numbers of EV drivers in Los Angeles region, they sought to enhance their customer experience by offering convenient charging solutions.


Installing EV chargers presented The Glen Center with the opportunity to attract a new segment of eco-conscious consumers, increase foot traffic, and support longer shopping durations while vehicles charge. It also aligned with their sustainability goals.


The installation of EV chargers was projected to generate additional revenue through charging fees, potentially increase property value, and qualify for various state and federal incentives, offsetting the initial investment costs.


The Glen Center faced logistical challenges including space optimization, ensuring power supply adequacy, and integrating charging infrastructure without disrupting daily operations.


TurnOnGreen, with its expertise, proposed a tailored solution that included the deployment of five Level 2 chargers for shoppers, all integrated with smart technology for ease of use and maintenance.


This project was initiated in October of 2022, when the TurnOnGreen installation team surveyed the site to make recommendations regarding the quantity, power output, and location of the EV chargers. TurnOnGreen managed the end-to-end installation process, from the initial site assessment and obtaining permits to the installation and testing of the chargers, ensuring minimal impact on The Glen Center’s operations.


Upon activation, The Glen Center leveraged a marketing campaign to announce the new EV charging stations, hosting an “EV Day” event to educate consumers and celebrate the mall’s commitment to sustainability.

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