SoCal Edison Charge Ready

Southern California Edison wants to help bring your properties into the EV future by making EV charging equipment more affordable. Multi-family and commercial property sites qualify for a rebate for the purchase, construction, and installation of up to four EV charging station ports. The program aims to offset the costs associated with purchasing and installing qualifying EV charging equipment.

Small Site Rebate

Your properties require the right solutions to meet your needs and goals. The Small Site Rebate Program is available to multi-family and commercial properties who choose to purchase and install up to four EV charging station ports. The program offers a rebate to eligible participants to offset some or all the cost of buying and installing approved EV charging stations.

Participation Requirements

TurnOnGreen hardware and software is listed on SoCal Edison’s Approved Product List.

Must install between 1-4 EV charging station ports.

Particpants are required to maintain the EV charging equipment for a 10-year duration.

Participants will be required to enroll in a SoCal Edison demand response program.

Chargers are required to include network service that is capable of reporting usage and pricing information.

SoCal Edison Small Site Program Highlights

The SoCal Edison Small Site Program provides a rebate of up to $10,000 per port for qualified sites installing up to four EV charging ports. SCE will perform all the necessary utility-side of the meter infrastructure work. The rebate is intended to help offset the costs associated with the design, procurement, installation, and maintenance of qualifying charging equipment

The TurnOnGreen EVP700 (7kW) and EVP1100 (11kW) units qualify for the SoCal Edison Small Site Rebate. TurnOnGreen Network Services, powered by Chargelab are also an eligible EV charger administrative dashboard.

This program is available to qualifying customers who choose to install up to a maximum of four EV charging ports. The rebate program offers participants a fixed rebate to help offset the costs associated with purchasing and installing SCE approved (L2 Only) electric vehicle charging equipment (also referred to as electric vehicle supply equipment, or EVSE). Participants will purchase, install, own, and operate the equipment for a period of at least 10 years. The Small Site Rebate amount offered is a fixed one-time rebate, but the actual amount of the incentive paid will not exceed the participant’s actual costs.

  • Must be in the SoCal Edison service territory. 
  • Multi-family homes and commercial sites – no single family units.
  • Must be property owner, or gain permission from property owner for EV charger installation.
  • Workplaces, hotels, schools, clinics, in the SoCal Edison service area are encouraged to apply.

SoCal Edison is offering to cover all costs associated with a service drop, meter, and hardware ending at the customer’s breaker panel. Your site will be responsible for the panel, conduit, wires, and EV charging stations – which are eligible costs to be covered in the $10,000 per charging port rebate.

Let TurnOnGreen help you reserve funds.

Before making any purchases, a qualified TurnOnGreen expert can submit your SCE application online. Once your funds are reserved, we can help you move your EV charging project forward.

Design, permitting, and installation service.

Once your funds are secured, TurnOnGreen can deploy their vast network of subcontractors to design your project in preparation for permitting. Your EV chargers can be shipped to you or the installers.

SoCal Edison Small Site Rebate Program Process

A TurnOnGreen representative is available to confirm your site’s eligibility for the SoCal Edison Small Site Rebate Program.  We can assist you on completing an application, just follow the steps below.

Funding Request

TurnOnGreen helps you complete and submit an application on the SCE application portal.

Funds Reserved

SCE review application, assesses your current infrastructure, and reserves your funds.

Design and Build

If no new SCE service is required, you may purchase EV chargers and install as soon as possible. If new service is required, project design, easements, permits and infrastructure installation is required.

Incentive Request

You may now request your funds from SoCal Edison. SCE will review your documents, verify the installation, and issue your rebate.

Compliance Verification

You will be asked to complete a program survey. Monthly reporting, and equipment verification will happen periodically. 

Contact a Rebate Expert

Provide us with your contact information, and a TurnOnGreen SCE Small Site Rebate expert will reach out. After a brief discussion about your project, we can submit an application to reserve funds on your behalf.