TurnOnGreen’s Subsidiary Digital Power Corporation Awarded Initial Contract to Manufacture Enhanced Power Distribution Systems for Missile Defense Systems


MILPITAS, Calif.– TurnOnGreen, Inc. (“TurnOnGreen” or the “Company”), announced today its subsidiary, Digital Power Corporation (“DPC”), has secured an initial contract worth $344,000. DPC will be working with an industry-leading, international defense, aerospace, and security company to manufacture and integrate multiple improved electrical distribution box 3s (“IEDB3”) intended for use in multiple launch rocket system (“MLRS”) launchers. The MLRS is a heavy launcher, transportable by aircraft such as Boeing’s C-17 Globe Master III and Lockheed Martin’s C-5 Galaxy, capable of firing guided rockets and Army Tactical Missile Systems also known as ATACMS.

Set to begin in September 2023, the contract entails the manufacturing and testing of the next generation of IEDP3s at the Company’s certified engineering and system integration facility in Milpitas, California. The IEDP3s that DPC will produce will be designed to power MLRS platforms for use in a diverse set of defense tactical scenarios.

“Securing a contract from one of the world’s largest defense firms is a testament to DPC’s expertise in developing and manufacturing technologically advanced high-grade power supply systems capable of powering a variety of portable and stationary devices that can operate reliably in mission-critical environments,” said TurnOnGreen and DPC’s Chief Executive Officer, Amos Kohn. “As a certified small business and entity compliant with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (“ITAR”), DPC has operations, systems, and facilities designed to produce the state-of-the-art products needed to power the most sophisticated defense and aerospace technologies used by the U.S. and other international defense forces.”

“TurnOnGreen and DPC have a long history of successfully designing and commercializing custom power solutions for the defense, aerospace, and security industry,” said Marcus Charuvastra, President of TurnOnGreen. “We strive to create shareholder value through a diverse business strategy that focuses on advanced power technology, green energy storage, and e-mobility infrastructure.”

About Digital Power Corporation

Digital Power is primarily engaged in the design and manufacture of innovative, feature-rich, and top-quality power products for mission-critical applications in the harshest environments and life-saving, life sustaining applications across diverse markets including defense/aerospace, medical/healthcare, industrial, telecommunications and automotive. Digital Power headquarters are located at 1421 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035; www.digipwr.com

About TurnOnGreen

TurnOnGreen Inc. (OTC: IMHC) designs and manufactures innovative, feature-rich, and top-quality power products for mission-critical applications, lifesaving and sustaining applications spanning multiple sectors in the harshest environments. The diverse markets we serve include defense and aerospace, medical and healthcare, industrial, telecommunications and e-Mobility. TurnOnGreen brings decades of experience to every project, working with our clients to develop leading-edge products to meet a wide range of needs. TurnOnGreen headquarters are located at Milpitas, CA; www.TurnOnGreen.com.

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