We Make EV Charging Easy For You

TurnOnGreen can help you navigate the SCE Charge Ready Program and assist you in potentially securing funding for your EV project.

TurnOnGreen Partnership Programs

TurnOnGreen Partnership Programs can help any property handle the cost of EV Charging. No two locations are alike, and flexibility is the foundation of our programs.

Create value in every Partnership Program. The electrical infrastructure future-proofs your property, while you earn revenue through EV charging sessions.

TurnOnGreen can provide you with the necessary resources to complete your EV charging project from beginning to end.

Our Partnership Programs

Business Financed

Site host will purchase the EV charging equipment, pay for installation, and own the revenue stream. Annual network fees and warranty paid separately by the host. Site Host can apply for rebates and sell LCFS credits.

Cooperative Agreement

In the Co-op model, TOG licenses parking spaces and builds the EV charging infrastructure agreed to by the site host and TOG. TOG will share a % of the net revenues from the charging stations with the site host until equipment and installation costs have been recouped by users and/or by rebates. After costs have been recovered, TOG and the site host share revenue 50/50 for the duration of the contract. 

EV Tenant

TOG rents parking spaces, provides infrastructure and equipment. Over a 7-year lease. TOG owns, operates and services chargers and retains charger revenue while monetizing LCFS credits in select regions.

EV Charging Installation Process

TurnOnGreen is happy to the resource for your EV charging project – from beginning to end.

Choose Your Program

Based on your needs, see what Partnership Program works best for your  property.

Initial Inspection

Have a qualified electrician gauge your infrastructure and determine what kind of EV charging you can handle.

Design and Permitting

TurnOnGreen can utilize its network of engineers to help submit necessary documentation to your local municipality.


Once plans have been approved, installation experts can begin installing necessary infrastructure to power your EV chargers. 


Once plans have been approved, installation experts can begin installing necessary infrastructure to power your EV chargers. 


TurnOnGreen will configure your EV chargers based on your Partnership Program. Shipment goes out.


The EV charger installation team can now mount and power the EV chargers.


EV drivers can now use your property as their preferred EV charging site.

TurnOnGreen EV Chargers

Learn more about TurnOnGreen EV charging hardware.


7kW | 32A
Non- Networked Charger


7kW | 32A
Networked Charger


11W | 58A
Networked Charger


Networked Charger


Networked Charger

Rebates and Incentives

Federal Tax Credits and Local Rebates and Incentives are the driving force behind mass electric vehicle adoption. Incentives help EV charging site hosts minimize the cost of EV charger hardware and installation, while serving as guides for standardized safety and streamlined EV charging culture.

Looking for commercial EV charging solutions?

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