How Far Can Electric Cars Go On One Charge


As EV drivers, we all know that we need to charge up our electric vehicles in order to travel to our daily commitments and destinations. But how much range (in miles) can really be expected after one full charging session for an EV?

Range anxiety affects EV Drivers everywhere. In fact, in a survey of electric vehicle owners by AAA Auto, it was discovered that 91 percent of owners had at least been concerned about running out of power in a time of need (this being prior to EV ownership). However, of those same drivers, over 95% reported their electric vehicle never having run out of power—this, of course, is due to their easily accessible home charging methods as well as proper planning before trips and events.

After one of these planned charging sessions, how far can one really expect to travel? Of course, this varies depending on your vehicle type, your charger type, and individual charging habits. Let’s break this down.

The Type of Electric Vehicle You Drive Can Greatly Impact Your Range

One of the greatest influencers of how much range you should expect is your vehicle type (PHEV vs BEV) as well as the year, make, and model.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)

These vehicles are very popular nowadays due to their “hybrid” use of both standard gas power as well as electricity. Common models are the Chevrolet Volt, the latest Toyota Prius PHEV, and the Mercedes E 300 e. These vehicles typically have a lower range of electric power—usually hovering between 35 to 60 miles per full charging session. However, some more premium models, such as the BMW i3 REx, can provide up to 126 miles of EV range on a single charge.

While you can use any gas in the car to make up for a lack of range, the average PHEV will not get you as far on electric when compared to similar all-electric models.

Battery All-Electric Vehicles (BEVs)

All-electric battery-powered vehicles are known for having the most range of electric power—this is due to the fact that they cannot default to standard gasoline fuel as a backup method of power. While it depends on the make and model, all-electric vehicles have an expected range of anywhere from 150 to 400 miles on a full charge.

There are some outliers in the market, as well as newer (and more expensive) models being introduced with far more range. For example, the 2022 Lucid Air EV is hitting the market next year with over 520 miles of range! But with an expected price tag of over $75,000 USD, this model is certainly not the most affordable nor accessible to the average American consumer.

The charger you use can impact your expected daily range from an overnight charging session

Are you planning on using a Level 1 or Level 2 home charger for your day-to-day charging? The charger type you use can affect your daily range due to expected charging times and their speed.

If you’re sticking to a Level 1, you can expect it to take 16-20 hours to reach a full charge in your electric vehicle. However, with a Level 2 Charger (such as our EVP700B or EV700) you’ll add 200+ miles of range to your EV in as little as 6 hours. 

Consider how long you can put aside each day for charging, and be mindful when selecting the right charger for you.

Be realistic with how much range you’ll actually need 

During weekdays, Americans on average drive anywhere from 25-30 miles per day. While there are exceptions or occupations which require driving, most people can get by with 50 miles of range without scrambling to find a charging station. Most PHEV models allow people to drive to work, run errands, and enjoy their daily leisure activities before running out of electric power. 

While the thought of owning a vehicle with 520 miles of range does sound appealing, the reality is that unless you are planning a cross-country tripyou simply won’t need it or use it all before having access to a charger again.

Choosing the right vehicle with the appropriate amount of range is a difficult decision, but luckily there are plenty of models on the market that range from incredibly affordable to high-end luxury that will suit whatever you are looking for in your EV journey!

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