Improve Access to
Electric Vehicle Charging

Fast, flexible, user-friendly, EV charging solutions for hotels.

EV700 | Conference Special #1-A

Take advantage of the TurnOnGreen Best Western Conference Special Offer. Purchase one (1) EV700 and get one free. 

The EV700 is a non-networked charger that enables you to join the EV charging infrastructure quickly. The EV700 is easy to install, user-friendly, and brings a modern look to your hotel parking lot.

  • Modern, Rugged, All-Weather Design
  • Universal J1772 Connector
  • Tesla Compatible With Adapter
  • Flexible 18′ Cable
  • Set Permissions and Limit Usage
  • TUV Rheinland Safety Certified
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Wall and Pedestal Mountable 

Buy 1 EV700, and get a second EV700 free.

US: $424.15

CAN: $555.64

EVP700-4G | Conference Special #1-B

Purchase two (2) EVP700-4Gs for the price of one. Best Western Convention Exclusive! 

The EVP700-4G is a networked charger that enables you to broadcast charging availability via the TurnOnGreen App. Enable paid authentication, track energy usage, and generate monthly reports on the TurnOnGreen Online Dashboard.

  • Minimalistic All-Weather Design
  • Universal J1772 Connector
  • Tesla Compatible With Adapter
  • Clutter Reducing 16′ Cable
  • Set Permissions and Limit Usage
  • 7kW / 32A
  • Wall and Pedestal Mountable 

Buy 1 EVP700, and get a second EVP700 free.

US: $907.20

CAN: $1,235.50

Network Services | Conference Special #2

TurnOnGreen Network Services provide hotels with EV charger point-of-sale software, EV charger back-end management, online dashboard with live charging statistics, and 24/7 customer service.

Networked EV chargers are subject to an annual subscription, and Best Western Hotels are eligible to receive 20% off networking fees.

  • Set EV Charging Prices
  • Monitor Energy Usage
  • Generate Custom Reports
  • Group Chargers by Location
  • Set Pricing Per Specific User

20% discount on annual networking fees.

Networked vs. Non-Networked EV Charging

All locations are unique. See which type of charging is right for your hotel.

TurnOnGreen Networked Charging

Increased public visibility

Optional paid EV charging

RFID and mobile phone activation

Track energy usage and revenue

Remote access and EV charger management

$900-$2,000 per unit

Annual network fees

TurnOnGreen Non-Networked Charging

Increased public visibility

Free EV charging sessions only

Plug-and-play functionality

Optional dedicated mobile app and RFIDs

Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Accessible

$550-$750 per unit

No Annual Fees

Is Your Hotel Ready for EV Drivers?

By investing in EV charging stations today, hotels are saving millions of dollars in future development costs while gaining a competitive edge that will likely never dull.

Stay Relevant

Meet Sustainability Goals

Attract New Customers

Monetize Your Parking Spaces

2 million electric vehicles on the road. 500% increase expected over 4 years

Destination platforms like Airbnb and Expedia now offer a filter for hotels that offer EV charging. The list of EV friendly hotels is growing, and those who aren’t on the lists should plan to accommodate the growing number of EV drivers.

Range Anxiety

Range anxiety is the fear that an EV won’t have sufficient charge to reach a destination. TurnOnGreen and Hotels can work together to improve EV charging availability, and ease the worries of the growing EV population.

Encourage EV travel

Be part of the solution

Capture the growing EV travel market

Recommended EV Chargers For Hotels

TurnOnGreen offers a variety of network optional Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers. See which EV charger fits your EV project.


7kW | 32A
Non- Networked Charger


7kW | 32A
Networked Charger


11W | 58A
Networked Charger


Networked Charger


Networked Charger

Best Western Endorsed Supplier

TurnOnGreen is a Best Western Hotel & Resort Endorsed Supplier. Contact us today. 

EV Charger Management Services

Set permissions, manage your EV chargers, see power usage, and gain access to 24/7 customer service.

Connect and control TOG EV chargers.

Hardware, software, and installation.

Set schedules, see costs, and monitor your EV chargers.

Power EV chargers on limited capacity with load balancing technology.

Federal Tax Credits

Claim up to $100,000 in Tax Credits for EV charging hardware and installation.

Speak to an expert.

TurnOnGreen experts can help guide you through the EV installation process. Learn more »